Things that will be happening at School this term
January – April 2014


Welcome to the Spring term – 12 weeks plus a half term weekly break (17-21 February).
By this point in the year the children are all well settled into their classes and are really consolidating their learning and, as teachers, we start to see the children make really good progress in their learning.

These are key events that will be taking place during this term. Wherever possible I have given details of the event, who should be involved and the timings of the events. The term ends at 3.15pm on Friday, 4 April. Please understand that sometimes we have no choice but to reschedule events but will always try not to do this.

Severe weather and emergency school closure

Unfortunately, from previous years’ experience, this is the term when we are sometimes faced with having to close the school due to severe weather conditions. Please find enclosed our Emergency Closure Procedure for you to read and keep safe. Also, let me
reassure you that as a northerner I do not close school easily!!!!!

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