Our Aims

Our Mission

Burley Primary School is a place where children are safe, happy and confident that they will be successful in achieving their very best.

All members of our community are recognised as unique individuals but are guided in developing a similar set of life values such as self esteem; respect; tolerance; integrity and a sense of justice. They are encouraged to take individual and collective responsibilities, developing into emotionally intelligent people who understand feelings and emotions, their own and other people’s.

At Burley Primary School we are adaptable and comfortable working both independently and collaboratively. Everyone understands themselves as learners and works hard to develop new skills. We are resilient and have the confidence to take risks in our learning. All are reflective, make decisions about how to demonstrate our success and demonstrate motivation to learn.

The curriculum at Burley Primary School is inspiring, dynamic and creative. It focuses on developing excellent skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics; developing successful learners for life. Our School is a place where it is safe to express opinions, learn from mistakes, ask for and receive help.

The unique setting that Burley provides enables our learners to develop these skills within a beautiful environment. It is a place where community links are purposeful and strong; where everybody works towards, and takes pride in, common goals.

Our Vision

Everyone within our school community is continually encouraged, challenged and enabled to become the best they can be.

(The school’s aims and values have been developed by pupils, staff, governors and parents).